Cookie Policy uses cookies, among other tools, to track user engagement on the website. This allows us to monitor your activities on our site. Enough data is saved to help us understand how you and many other users use the platform. However, there is no need to panic since we do not invade your privacy. We cannot use cookies to access any passwords or bank account details saved on your browser or computer. In other words, cookies don’t give us access to any confidential folders on your computer, whether online or offline. We also have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to protect your interests. Feel free to contact us in case you have any other concern not addressed here. We will be delighted to make you as comfortable as possible by keeping you fully informed.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files placed in your browser whenever you access a website. They are vital as they help us to remember your browsing patterns the next time you visit SameDayEssays. These cookies files cannot be released onto your computer unless you choose to use them. Please be informed that every website has its own tracking tools. It is as a result that you will always be asked to use cookies whenever you visit a new site. In other words, the cookies on SameDayEssays are only applicable to the site and not to any other platform that is not affiliated to this website.

What are the different types of Cookies?

You might have assumed that there is only one type of cookies. However, as you are about to notice, there are many options that most websites, including us, rely on.  These cookies have different purposes and produce a range of benefits.

  • First-Party Cookies: You must have noticed them in your daily interaction with the internet. These cookies remember your previous browsing history on a site. When you come back to the site, you are taken directly to where you previously were before you left the site. Therefore, you don’t have to browse through pages to find your way there.
  • Session Cookies: These cookies are only operational as long as you are on the website. They help track your engagement on each page. We use them to understand when you accessed a page and how long you remain on it. This is crucial as it helps us to better plan the website and focus more on what you and many other users are interested in.
  • Third-party cookies: Our affiliates use these. We have a few sites that are contracted to help us make your experience as memorable as possible.
  • Persistent cookies: These are the ones that remain on your browser long after you leave the site. They store your browsing habit and will remember the next time you visit the website.
  • User consent to cookies: You need to agree to use these cookies for improved user experience.

The Purpose of First and Third-Party Cookies

These cookies are mostly meant used for marketing purposes. We use them to detect some of the products you might like and make them readily available to you whenever you need them or the next time you visit our site. They also help us analyze the efficiency of our website, allowing us to make the necessary changes for proper delivery of our services.

What Else Do We Use?

There have many other tools that we use alongside cookies. These are aimed at further improving your experience on the site. Just like cookies, some of these tools are safe for use as they do not infringe on your privacy. They include Web Beacons, which are tools used to track user behavior on our site. Web Beacons also don’t collect any personal information, which means that you remain anonymous. They are used together with cookies. There are many other tools, including flash cookies used on other websites.

Can You Refuse to Use Cookies?

Yes, you can. All you need is to make changes on your browser since this is where the files are stored. However, not to agreeing to these policies denies you the privileges you would otherwise enjoy. Give it a serious thought before you decide to block the cookies.

Why do we use cookies?

We admit that we are not perfect when it comes to the creation of contents. We have our own limitations and always strive to perfect our art. We recognize that certain features and pages within our sites need constant monitoring and adjustments. This is why we use cookies to analyze user experience. We can use this data to correct any broken links and/or make the necessary adjustments.

Please understand that cookies are aimed at giving you the best experience while on our website. It is mostly meant for you and not us. There would be no need for us to use these tools if we knew that you or any other online user would never access our site. However, since we have created our contents and services with you in mind, it is only honorable to try hard and ensure that you are as comfortable as possible while accessing them.

Again, understand that there is no problem with you deactivating cookies from our website. We believe that it is a decision that you can only make after careful consideration of the pros and cons. Even if you choose to get rid of the cookies, we still promise to provide you with the right content to meet your expectations. However, we cannot guarantee that you will easily access previously browsed pages; this is a process that requires you to take advantage of cookies.

Remember that your information remains safe on your computer since we cannot use our cookies to invade your computer. Also, you enjoy anonymity since these cookies don’t keep records of your personal data. In fact, we might never know your name or any other confidential information unless you manually provide them to us while making transactions through the website.

We understand that there are those moments when you might deliberately provide us with your personal information. As stated above, one such moment might be when you decide to make purchases from our site. Again, there is no need to panic since we can still be trusted with such confidential information as name and account details. We have a privacy policy created to assure you of our loyalty to every user of our products and services.

Which details are collected by Cookies?

Cookies detect and store your browser as well as IP address. As you will discover, a change of browser and IP address leads to an automatic change in your settings. The site might never detect that you are back if you make such changes. You are forced to restart your experience afresh by allowing cookies on your new browser and IP address before your browsing habits are again recorded and saved. This is enough proof that cookies never store personal data and also never know the identity of the person who is browsing unless that person intentionally provides his or her personal information.

Getting Rid of Cookies

Again, we do not recommend this. However, if you wish to clear or block cookies from your browser, then feel free to do it by changing your browser settings.  These options are available on any browser that you might be using. Therefore, you can change the settings of all browsers you use if you want to avoid using the tools completely. You can also activate them at any time to continue enjoying all these benefits related to cookies.