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Composing a personal commentary is common among students joining higher learning institutions or transferring to other schools. However, to be granted the admission chance, you need to draft a persuasive statement worth convincing the college board of the unique abilities that you come with once given a chance. To write a great persuasive statement, you need to take note of a lot of significant writing elements. First and foremost, like any other academic writing, a personal commentary should have an introduction. The introduction should not be boring; hence, an applicant is required to begin with a concise and memorable introduction to attract the attention of the reviewer.

College board goes through a lot of application. Therefore, you need to ensure you have a persuasive introduction to convince them why you are the best among other applicants. Provide flowing content with high readability while showcasing your unique abilities which marinates with the institution’s review factors. What’s more, you need to ensure that the personal commentary introductory section talks more about you. Present the values and characteristics that make you fit to apply for the opportunity to be a member of the institution. Do not include the people who have influenced you to draft the statement.

Move to the body paragraph to elaborate further the extracurricular activities; hobbies, toughest problems encountered in life and how they were handled, accomplishments, and professional activities. Including personal abilities to your draft gives the committee an impression of the advantages you’ll come with once given the admission opportunity. Be genuine when writing these papers to showcase your passion and personal characteristics that marinate with the institution’s review factors.

Lastly, since you have researched on the institution’s curriculum and extra-curricular activities, write the unique definite characteristics and values that tick to the school’s admission factors. End your write-up by explaining the missions that have compelled you to apply for the institution. Give reasons why you’ve preferred it to other institutions offering the same course you intend to major in. Lastly, since winning the admission is like a challenge from stiff competitors, you need to keep your best foot forward, polish the paper to fit the standard required of a statement. However, achieving all these writing tips in a write-up can be challenging more so if you lack sufficient time to draft a top-notch paper worth higher admission probability.

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